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Zestawienia pociągów   1995/1996

EC 50 Karlštejn
Trasa: Praha hl.n. 13.15, Cheb 16.17-16.32, Nürnberg Hbf 18.19-18.35, Frankfurt/Main Hbf 20.43-20.51, Köln Hbf 23.05-23.09, Düsseldorf Hbf 23.31-23.33, Dortmund Hbf 0.19
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Please fill in your name or nickname. Your train will published after approval of some admin. The approval process is usually twice a month. If you are registered, enter the password as well. In this case, the train will be published immediately.
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Rules for real compositions

Changes on 3.4.2020:
- rule for writing EVN numbers for EMU/DMU units (Rules - point 2).

This form is intended for insertion of real train composition (ie real, seen in service). Opening this form is pre-filled the basic skeleton of the train. This skeleton needs to be completed/modified according to the real train. It is also necessary to add the EVN (UIC) vehicle numbers - see below.

Fill in the form

  1. Optionally edit or fill in the Section field. You can write section (two stations) or one station where was your composition observed.
  2. Fill in the Date field. Click to display the calendar, or you can move the date by day using the +1 and -1 buttons.
    Special rule for night trains: fill in the departure date from the starting station (it may not be the same as the date of observation) and write the number of nights the train goes (most often 1) in the field Night.
  3. Edit the train composition in the Train field. Individual cars can be modified in a pre-filled train skeleton. Select others vehicles from the list located on the right side or vehicles can be written manually. The structure of the train code is explained in detail here (only in Czech).
  4. Optionally enter any additional information in the Note field. It is recommended to mention the background of unusual or rare composition (if known).
  5. If you are entering a train as an unregistered user, fill in the name (nickname). The train will be published after its approval.


  1. Only trains with EVN (UIC) number of cars are accepted. Examples of allowed formats:

    1. Standard format:
      The EVN (UIC) number must be located between 3rd and 4th star:
      363*ČD Bmz 241**027-5*+ (only serial number including check digit)
      363*ČD Bmz 241**21-91 027-5*+ (technical characteristic number + serial including check digit)
      363*ČD Bmz 241**73 54 21-91 027*+ (full EVN number without check digit)
      363*ČD Bmz 241**73 54 21-91 027-5*+ (full EVN number with check digit)

    2. Simply format (only 2019 and 2020 year):
      For some vehicle owners and selected types of vehicles it is possible to use simplified format - only EVN (UIC) number without stars, at the end must be "+". The standard car code will be automatically added when the train is saved.
      73 54 21-91 027+ (full EVN number without check digit)
      73 54 21-91 027-5+ (full EVN number with check digit)

    3. Mixed format (only 2019 and 2020 year):
      For some vehicle owners and selected types of vehicles it is possible to use mixed format. Useful for cases you add some notes between stars (route, note to car) that cannot be entered in a simply format. The standard car code will be automatically modified when the train is saved.
      363*73 54 21-91 027**+ (full EVN number without check digit)
      363*73 54 21-91 027-5**+ (full EVN number with check digit)

      For Simply and Mixed format: the EVN (UIC) number can be entered arbitrarily with or without spaces, dashes and dots (it will be automatically reformatted when saved).
  2. New For EMU/DMU with more cars which are not divided into separate cars, only the first EVN number shall be writen between 3rd and 4th star. Possible numbers of other cars in the unit can be writen between 4th and 5th, or between other stars. Example:
    *ČD 814*95 54 5 814 086-5*95 54 5 914 086-4*+
  3. The correct assignment of the EVN number to the corresponding vehicle type is verified for selected types of vehicles. In some cases, there may be outdated data in the control database. If you believe your records are correct, you can leave them, otherwise we recommend correcting your record. Any discrepancies may be a reason for not publishing the train.

    Show a list of supported series for Simply and Mixed format as well as for EVN number verification

    If the car is not among the supported series, only the Standard format must be used. Also number verification only works on supported series in list. For real trains from year 2018 and older is available only the Standard format.
  4. The EVN (UIC) number must be for at least one car. Trains with no numbers or with only the number of the locomotive will not be published (exceptions such as very rare composition are possible, please write the background in the note). This condition does not apply to historical compositions; trains without numbers can be published here.
  5. Enter only trains which you are sure. Approximate or probable data usually have no meaning.
  6. The route of each car is not necessary write to trains where all cars have the same route (train without through coach).
    If the car route show, please write it just between the second and third star. Example:

    371*ZSSK Ampeer*Bratislava - Břeclav (- Praha)**+

    Routes of trough coaches are given in form (Budapest -) Břeclav - Bohumín (- Kraków). Mind the gaps between the dashes and parentheses.
    It is not necessary to write the full names of the station (Budapest-Keleti or Kraków Główny), if it is know that station goes on.
  7. If you add text notes to the train or car, also fill in the language field. Stations in cars are not considered as a text note.
  8. Trains not corresponding to the above rules will not be published.
  9. These rules may be expanded or updated.

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