Using this search form, you can find trains according to their number or name, trains containing a specific car, or trains running on a specific track. You can fill one or more fields.

Train number or train name

You can enter the train number or train name to activate the suggestions. The number can be entered as a separate number (eg. 123) or in combination with the train type (eg. EC 123). However, for the search, only a separate number must be in the form.

Coach classification

To activate the suggestions, you can enter a shortcut for the railroad (eg. ÖBB) or a serial number (eg. Bmz), or both (eg. ÖBB Bmz). Number of Suggestions is limited. You can also use the menu on the right, clicking on the picture to fill in the form with the appropriate car code. This search by car classification has several options:

Route or line number (only from 2014 onwards)

You can enter a separate number to activate the suggestions, but you need to use the number with country prefix for searching (eg. A-400). You can use the schematic map to find the right track number.