Railway passenger cars
Railway passenger cars
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Train compositions 2022  (12.12.2021 - 10.12.2022)

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This section will be reduced in 2022. Only trains in Austria, Croatia and Norway will be published. If you are interested in the reasons, click here.

The main reasons are:
1. Running the whole compostion section takes me too much time.
2. I'm not satisfied with the level of up-to-dateness of the information we publish.

Both reasons together create a perfect vicious circle. Although I invest a lot of time in this project, I'm not satisfied with the result. At the same time, I no longer have the time and capacity to move it to a level that I am satisfied with. The whole train compositions system on vagonweb is clearly not well designed for such a big project. And unfortunately, I don't have the free time to redesign it into a better form that would be more efficient to manage and more autonomous (so that it doesn't require so many activities from me). And since I'm of the opinion that "rather than doing things wrong, it's better not to do them at all", I decided to reduce the scope.

Further, there are some little things that don't exactly motivate me to invest more of my time further in train compositions:

Train composition information should be provided by the carriers in the first place. That they don't (honor the exceptions) just speaks about their lousy customer service. This is nothing new, of course. But another thing is that many carriers use the information from vagonweb for their own internal use, because they have nothing better. The volunteer group's actions are actually addressing the inability of the rail carriers to deliver the right information, at least to their own employees. And I don't think that's right.

Continued restrictions on travel due to government restrictions against covid. This generally leads to a lower use of public transport and so there is a lower "social demand" for information on train compositions.
I would like to thank all makers and admins for their cooperation over the years and all users for their support so far. Everything that has been created so far will remain available. Also the historical composition will continue to be expanded. So you need not worry that the efforts made so far will be wasted. On the contrary, there may now be room for a new and even better train compositions website.

Alternative websites for train compositions:
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Czechia - ČD:
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Railway passenger cars

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