Railway passenger cars
Railway passenger cars
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This sci-fi section is dedicated to not fully real trains. Usage may be different, for example as a sandbox for fantasy compositions or as a tool for train visualization that you can present elsewhere on the internet (forums, facebook, ...). Trains can add also an unregistered user, there are no waiting approval, trains are published online.

Trains added or updated last time

  REX/R 820   Gemeran   Wien Hbf – Marchegg – Bratislava – Galanta – Levice – Zvolen. – Lučenec – Tornal'a –Rožňava –Košice
  RJ 788      Praha hl.n. - Benešov u Prahy
  Os 2343      Horní Dolní - Kastrovice - Bota - Policejňák hl.n.
  99      Policejňák Hl.n. - Horní Dolní
  888      Praha hl.n. - Trhový Štěpánov
  O      Praha Hl.n. - Benešov u Prahy
  Not      Nothing
  Sp 888      Praha Hl.n. - Benešov u Prahy
  Os 2548      Ústí nad Labem - Cheb - Beroun - Praha Hl.n. - Bratislava Hlavná Stanica
  988      Berlin Hbf - Dresden Hbf
  388      Beroun - Praha Hl.n.
  Sv 777777      Wiener Neustadt Hbf - Břeclav - Praha hl.n. - Praha ONJ
  9000      Soqimaland City - Soqimaburg
  NNeexxiissttuujjee Sbor      Belbek - Simferopol
  Sv 968965      Beroun - Praha ONJ
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Railway passenger cars

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